Northumbria Healthcare Trust

Job Value


Programme Duration

24 Weeks


MGM have completed an office and kitchen/canteen refurbishment for
Northumbria Healthcare Trust at their HQ at Cobalt Business Park. The work was completed across 2 floors of a live working environment of up to 300 staff at any one time.

The tender was won as part of a 2 Stage Strategy where initial costs were
submitted based on the information we had received from the design team and the client. Upon appointment as Main Contractor, MGM assisted in finalising the design and working with the client to form the overall construction package.

MGM managed the full process from the outset, led by Ryan Gardiner
(Project Manager) who assisted the client in representing the overall contract to the various stakeholders throughout the Trust. This involved third parties, such as the IT Team, the FM Team, the Catering team, internal management and the end user for the facility.

The scheme went through several last-minute design changes to suit the end user’s requirements, with the biggest change coming from all power and data moving from above the suspended ceilings, and into screed trunking below the existing concrete slab. MGM undertook all ground investigation works, cutting out of the slab and the installation of the trunking and screed (around 500lm in total).

MGM also procured all furniture and flooring for the scheme in line with the NHS Requirements and offered a number of solutions to assist with Value Engineering ensuring that the scheme came in on budget.

The project has been handed over as per the agreed programme dates and duration and has given the Health Trust a workspace for an additional 240 staff, along with a full refurbishment canteen and a new kitchen and serving area for the catering staff.

This has led to an agreement to extend the contract and carry out a
refurbishment of the Main Reception, 1st and 2nd Floors. This work is due to commence in October 2022.

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