Building Healthier Futures: MGM Construction's Impact on Healthcare in the North East

Choosing the right contractor for repairs or refurbishments in a hospital or healthcare setting is crucial due to the unique challenges and stringent standards these environments present. Hospitals and healthcare facilities operate 24/7, catering to the vulnerable and providing essential services that cannot be interrupted. The right contractor must have a proven track record in healthcare projects, demonstrating an understanding of the need for minimal disruption, adherence to strict hygiene and safety standards, and the ability to work within tight time frames to ensure that healthcare services continue smoothly. They should also be familiar with the specific regulations and requirements of healthcare construction, including infection control measures, patient privacy, and accessibility standards. Failure to choose a contractor with this specialized expertise can lead to delays, increased costs, and, most critically, a compromised environment that could affect patient care and safety.

MGM’s Expertise and Experience in the Healthcare Sector

In the North East of England, a region known for its vibrant communities and industrial heritage, MGM Construction is making its mark with significant contributions to the healthcare sector. This Gateshead-based construction firm, with a rich history of diverse projects, bring its expertise to some of the most crucial facilities in the area.

Transforming Care Environments

One of MGM Construction’s standout projects is the comprehensive refurbishment of three care homes in Gateshead. Managed by Everyturn Mental Health, this £1.4 million project was no small feat. MGM’s task was to overhaul these facilities to create a more conducive environment for patient care. The project encompassed a broad spectrum of upgrades, including interior redecoration, new flooring, electrical and fire safety improvements, all while ensuring the care homes remained operational.

Beyond Refurbishments: Building Community

MGM Construction’s endeavours extend beyond refurbishments to constructing new community-centred facilities. The Hut Community Hall in Moorsley, initiated by Moorsley & District CIO, is a testament to MGM’s commitment to community welfare. This project aimed to replace a temporary setup with a permanent community centre, enhancing local infrastructure and providing a versatile space for various community activities.

Expertise Across the Board

MGM Construction’s portfolio showcases a broad range of projects, from educational buildings to heritage sites. However, their work in the healthcare sector stands out for its impact on community welfare and patient care. Their ability to handle complex healthcare projects, ensuring minimal disruption during renovations, and their sensitivity to the unique needs of healthcare environments highlight their expertise in this field.

A Commitment to Quality and Community

The underlying thread in MGM Construction’s projects is their commitment to enhancing the North East’s healthcare infrastructure. Through their work, MGM not only delivers high-quality construction and refurbishment services but also contributes to the wellbeing of communities, ensuring that healthcare facilities meet the evolving needs of patients and healthcare providers.

As MGM Construction continues to expand its footprint in the healthcare sector, its projects serve as a beacon of progress, embodying the firm’s dedication to building healthier futures in the North East.

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