The Grenfell tragedy continues to impact how organisations are addressing fire safety. Proactive companies are taking significant steps to analyse and improve fire safety in the buildings that they own and manage.

In larger properties, fire doors play an integral role in preventing flames from spreading, buying vital time for people to escape.

BM TRADA programme

If you are looking for a fire door installer in the North-East, make sure that you find a fire door company who has the highest level of certification.

BM TRADA is a UKAS-accredited certification body which provides independent, third-party certification fire doors. It aims to raise standards in the manufacture, installation and maintenance, ensuring that each fire door maintains its capabilities throughout its lifetime.

In short, BM Trada is the international gold standard when it comes to independent accreditation in this field. They represent best practice for material testing, inspection, and certification for products used in the fire and building industry.

A trusted, certified provider

Naturally as a construction contractor that embodies best practice, MGM is proud to hold BM TRADA certification. This means that MGM is certified to maintain your existing fire doors or install new fire doors to your commercial property.

Our certification demonstrates that BM TRADA has rigorously assessed MGM as a fire door contractor and is completely confident that our work meets its superior standards. This gives our clients full peace of mind that their fire door provision is carried out to the highest level. And you can have confidence in the ongoing reliability of your fire doors, as we carry out six-monthly audits and
checks on all installed products.

We are also trusted to self-certify all completed works by BM TRADA, again reinforcing our credentials as one of the leading fire door installers in the North-East. In fact, we are one of the only BM TRADA certified contractors in the region.

BM TRADA is a voluntary accreditation – you can employ a fire door contractor who is not BM TRADA certified. However, if you want a fire door installer who embraces best practice and is proven to provide the highest level of service, then choose one with BM TRADA certification.

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