Ryan Gardiner has been awarded a Directorship after a successful first 2 years with the business. Ryan was initially employed as a Project Manager whose directive was to grow the Commercial Refurbishment aspect of the business.

Ryan was delighted with his appointment, having this to say:

I’m equally happy and excited to accept this position and hopefully I can help the business continue to grow and flourish in the way that we have in recent years. MGM was already an established business, with a great reputation for the work that they have done, but I feel we have diversified more recently, allowing us to take the business into several new workstreams. I’d like to thank Phil Burridge and the Northern Bear PLC board for placing their trust in me in awarding me this position.

Phil Burridge, Managing Director, said:

I am delighted Ryan has accepted his Directorship in recognition of his drive and dedication to MGM. In the relatively short time Ryan has been with MGM, his professionalism, skills and personality have been instrumental in our steady growth. I believe this appointment is a statement of the direction we are going in and I can only see a bright future for both Ryan and MGM. Congratulations Ryan!