The Pioneering Care Partnership (PCP) in Newton Aycliffe has embarked on an exciting new chapter with the redevelopment of its beloved hydrotherapy pool. MGM Construction was selected to lead this crucial project, which promises to bring significant benefits to the local community. With an investment of nearly £1 million from PCP’s reserves, this redevelopment marks a significant milestone in enhancing community health and wellbeing.

The Selection of MGM Construction

MGM Construction was appointed as the contractor for this major project, starting work on November 6th. Their selection was based on their proven track record and expertise in delivering high-quality construction projects. The decision was made after a rigorous selection process, ensuring that the best possible team was chosen to handle the redevelopment of such a vital community resource.

Project Timeline and Scope

The construction is scheduled for completion August 2024, however, the pool will undergo essential commissioning tests before opening to the public, likely through a soft launch. The entire construction period was estimated to be 29 weeks.

The hydrotherapy pool has been a cornerstone of the community for 25 years, providing therapeutic benefits to countless individuals. However, it has become oversubscribed and outdated, necessitating a complete overhaul. This redevelopment will address these issues, ensuring the pool meets modern standards and can continue to serve the community effectively.

The Community Impact

The hydrotherapy pool at the Pioneering Care Centre is one of the only self-referral, fully accessible hydrotherapy pools in the North-East, attracting people from far and wide. Previously, it offered over 17,000 appointments annually but faced challenges due to obsolete equipment and occasional breakdowns. The new pool will not only rectify these issues but also double the capacity, allowing more people to benefit from its state-of-the-art facilities.

PCP Chief Executive Carol Gaskarth highlighted the significant health benefits reported by hydrotherapy users and emphasised the difficulties in maintaining the old pool. The new development will feature upgraded jets, new changing facilities, and improved accessibility, ensuring a superior experience for all users. Additionally, the Options service for adults with learning and physical disabilities will gain more space, further enhancing its offerings.

A Community-Driven Effort

The redevelopment project is the result of years of planning, community fundraising, and securing grants. Despite the challenges posed by post-pandemic building costs, PCP’s commitment to being ‘pioneering’ in their approach has driven this initiative forward. The involvement of the community has been paramount, with Options members actively participating in the design process, choosing colours, kitchen layouts, and furniture.


MGM Construction’s involvement in the hydrotherapy pool redevelopment at the Pioneering Care Partnership is a testament to their expertise and the community’s dedication to improving health and wellbeing resources. The new facilities will significantly enhance the therapeutic services available, ensuring the hydrotherapy pool remains a cherished asset for years to come. As the project progresses, the community eagerly anticipates the grand unveiling of a revitalised space that promises to deliver unparalleled health benefits and support.

With the anticipated completion in mid-2024, the Pioneering Care Centre is set to make a splash with its brand-new hydrotherapy pool, ready to serve and support the community like never before.