In a noteworthy project that seamlessly blends heritage preservation with modern construction excellence, MGM Construction took on the task of performing external remedial works on the iconic Sutherland Building at Northumbria University, a nineteenth-century, grade II listed building, in the centre of Newcastle.

Preserving History, Building the Future

The Sutherland Building, a cornerstone of Northumbria University’s campus, is not just an educational facility but a piece of architectural history. Originally constructed as the University of Durham Medical School, this remarkable structure was completed in 1895 and has been described as a “vigorously red Gothic essay in brick and terracotta,” highlighting its distinctive style and use of materials. As a Grade II listed structure, any work on the building had to carefully balance the need for modernisation and compliance with stringent heritage preservation standards. MGM Construction’s expertise in working with historic buildings made them a natural choice for this delicate and highly specialised project.

A Collaborative Approach

In collaboration with CBRE Global Workplace Solutions (GWS), a leader in integrated facilities, project and property management, MGM Construction embarked on this project with a deep understanding of the building’s significance and the complexities involved in its restoration. The project’s primary goal was to address external wear and tear while respecting the building’s historical architecture and significance.

Expertise in Heritage Construction

MGM Construction’s approach to the Sutherland Building’s remedial works involved meticulous planning and execution. The company’s expertise in heritage buildings came to the forefront, ensuring that all restoration efforts were in line with historical preservation guidelines. This included sourcing materials that matched the original construction and employing techniques that would not only restore but also protect the building’s façade for the future.

A Commitment to Community and Heritage

This project exemplified MGM Construction’s commitment to supporting local community services and preserving regional heritage. By revitalising the Sutherland Building, MGM Construction not only enhanced the educational environment of Northumbria University but also contributed to the cultural and architectural preservation of the North East.

Conclusion: A Legacy of Excellence

MGM Construction’s work on the Sutherland Building at Northumbria University stands as a testament to the company’s dedication to excellence in construction, especially in challenging projects that require a sensitive approach to historical preservation. As the Sutherland Building continues to serve the university’s community, it also stands as a symbol of how the past and present can coexist and complement each other, thanks to the thoughtful and skilled work of teams like MGM Construction and their partners at CBRE GWS.